• Layer Number
    Structure Drawing
    Product Type
  • 4L
    Accused of deep drilling
  • 2L
    Copper substrate
  • 6L
    Buried copper [copper, lug, blind trough]
  • 6L
    First order HDI, overlay hole
  • 8L
    Mechanical back drill, etched back drill
  • 10L
    Second order HDI, POFV
  • 12L
    Thick copper
  • 14L
    The countersunk hole
  • 16L
    Multi-layer plate
Project Process Capability
Layer number 1 - 16 layer
Min.Line width/space 0.08mm
Aspect ratio 1:8
Min.hole size Laser 0.1(mm), Machinery 0.15(mm)
Max.layer number 12 layers(Volumes of 8 layers,samples of 12 layers)
Thickness 0.2--3.5(mm); Cu: 10Z-50Z
Soldmask type LPI, Peelable, Carbon oil
Legend Thermal curing oil and Ring UV oil
Surface treatment HAL-LF,Immersion Tin,ENIG,OSP,HASL
Test Voltage:10-250V
Outline Punching,Routing, Bevel
Gold thickness Goldfingers thickness:1-1.2μm(Au),EING thickness:0.0254-0.075um
Max.panel size 1200 mm X 520 mm
Impedance control ±10%

Quality control of incoming material

We use international famous brand raw materials, according international & customer standards to establish incoming inspection specification , continuously track and promote supplier quality improvement , establish and maintain a good partnership with suppliers.

Production process for quality control

Qualified products are manufactured, not inspected. We have a standardized production process and detailed operating instructions for each process to ensure the operating specifications and standards are implemented correctly.

Finished product for quality control

We according international standards and customers standards to strictly inspect and control the shipping quality , timely follow up the quality of the products after shipment, take quick and effective improvement actions on the feedback of customers' quality.

Meizhou Washeng take “ Pursue zero defects, starting from the nuances, fully let our customers satisfaction of the product; continuously improve the service level, so that customers can rest assured ” as the goal for quality management , and has passed some System Certification,for example m ISO9001、樱桃小视频IS/TS16949、樱桃小视频AS9100C、樱桃小视频ISO13485、樱桃小视频GJB9001B and so on .
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